While the brief to the Law Commission asked them to investigate pre-trial and trial processes for criminal cases, they were asked to put particular emphasis on processes for sexual offence cases, and to consider the other categories of cases such as those involving child victims and witnesses and family violence.

The material on this website from HELP responds to the proposals as they relate to sexual offenses only as this is our area of expertise.

Please feel free to combine this with other responses you might wish to make from your own areas of expertise and experience. It is helpful to include any supporting examples of which you are aware. Please note also that these HELP responses are informed by our work in the area of restorative justice for sexual violence. This kind of participatory justice has served to broaden our perspectives on the ways that justice can and should operate to honour those impacted by the offending, to honour truth, and to bring relationship to the fore as the vehicle for real justice.

Please refer to the Law Commission web-site for extensive background materials, including descriptions of inquisitorial models used in other jurisdictions.

Alternatively here is the link to a PDF of the consultation document.