The brutality of this system as it stands leaves a person feeling totally humiliated and overwhelmed as very personal details are bandied all over the courtroom which also re-traumatises survivors as we have to relive in detail what has happened to us.

Louise Nicholas – National Survivor Advocate

The current criminal justice system is ineffective in cases of sexual violence in New Zealand.

Only about 1 in a 100 sexual offences is convicted.

The Law Commission has recently done a review and has called for submissions.

Please see here to read more about why we need change.

This is a one in a lifetime opportunity to show the government we support change and we need as many submissions as possible. So please make a submission, get your friends and family to make a submission, share it on facebook, send out an email to your contacts, print some out and take them to work, get in contact with HELP if you can help out in any other way.


This is a website with information to help you write a submission on this crucial topic.

There is many different ways to do this:

Sign our template submission

Write your own submission

HELP – Support Services for Sexual Abuse Survivors

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